Fall 2017 Schedule

NEW ULM, MN - C.A.S.T.L.E., Community And Seniors Together Learning Environment, will kickoff their 6th year with a Chamber Music Concert and Party, on August 22nd at 1:30 pm at the State Street Theater, Center & State Streets, New Ulm. Come explore the Drama Kings of the Baroque: Purcell, Vivaldi and Handel in this exciting concert of Baroque chamber music.  These musical masterpieces illustrate poetry and evoke emotions with clever text painting, virtuosic coloratura, and theatrical climaxes.  With MacPhail instructor Andrea Leap, soprano; Marc Levine, violin; Margaret Humphrey, violin; Julie Elhard, viola da gamba; and Paul Boehnke, harpsichord. Andrea Leap is a fiscal year 2017 recipient of an Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund. It’s open to the public ( a $5 donation toward the concert would be appreciated) and there will be an appetizer potluck with a Q & A about lifelong learning.  CASTLE announces its Fall Term with the following range of courses:

World Religions in America with Gustavus Adolphus College Professor Sarah Ruble on September 18 & 25. She will discuss how, in the past forty years, America has grown increasingly religiously diverse. Mosques, temples and meditation centers have joined churches and synagogues in many American cities and towns. They are part of a new religious landscape. The faiths these buildings represent, however, are not really new. They boast long histories in other parts of the world and often have been practiced in the United States for longer than most Americans realize. This course will look at the basic tenets and practices of four major world religions, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, and at their histories in America.

A Minnesota Orchestra Concert at Orchestra Hall in November with Dr. Wayne Wagner, organist and retired MLC music professor.  Wayne has presented numerous organ recitals & workshops and serves as a consultant to congregations considering organ projects.  In his preview class and on this trip we will hear and learn about The Sorcerer's Apprentice by DUKAS, Shéhérazade by RAVEL and BRAHMS Symphony No. 4.

Fun With Geography with Lowell Liedman, will be September 5 & 12, at the NU Community Center, 600 N German Street.  Geography is something Lowell Liedman has taught, and lived.  Lowell lived in Germany and in China where he and his wife taught English. He spent about six months in the Middle East.  Malta and Yalta? Slovenia and Slovakia? Balkans and Baltics? Gambia and Zambia? Mali and Malawi? Oakland and Auckland? Paraguay and Uruguay?  Ghana and Guyana and French Guiana?  Austria and Australia? Two Congos? Three Guineas? Seven Stans? Is there any meaning to all this crazy confusion? Yes, there is!  We’ll learn about basics like physical geography, human (or cultural) geography, regional geography, different kinds of maps, and more. 

SPOTS Youthful Perspective event on Novmber 30th at 3:30 pm at the Library, will be about life in a student’s daily world as performed by Students Performing On Tough Situations.  They are 21 high school students from 5 different schools in Brown County.  Each year they spend 2 days in training to create scenes on subjects that students need to talk about.  These range from bus safety for kindergarteners to dating abuse and drugs at the high school level. After each scene they stay in character to answer questions.  Then they break character and talk based on their experiences.  They hope to help others make better decisions and think about their actions.

Other classes will include a trip to the History Theatre in St. Paul, a tour of Mehlhop’s Four Season Taxidermy,  Kris Wiley with a book discussion at the library on 9/11 of ‘A Higher Call’, a Wanna Have Fun Luncheon with Jeanie Hinsman presenting information on fair trade and the new fair trade store in New Ulm, and a two-session class with Richard Greene and Lori Mathiowetz on Philosophy & Spirituality.

New CASTLE members are welcome at any time of the year. Members' $100 annual fee will have a renewal date one year from their initial date of payment. Members may attend any and all classes and events throughout the year at no additional charge. Potential new members are welcome to attend one class before joining. More information can be found at http://newulmseniors.org/castle.html .


Let's GO to Cuba with Lowell Liedman
'The Wolf at Twilight' book discussion with Ric Jacobsen
SPCO Concert Trip with Wayne Wagner
Trigonometry Made Interesting with Jim Heath
'Beyond The Call' book discussion with Ric Jacobsen
MN Wine Stories with author Diane Lynch
Robotics with Dittbenner Dairy, Rick Apitz Remote Planes and NUHS Robotics Team

Youthful Perspectives with HCHY 'SPOTS'
Mason City Iowa’s Historic Architecture
Enjoying Classical Music
Musical ‘Crooners
’A Doorway to Birding with Al Batt
Renewable Energy

Jon Hassler's 'New Woman' book discussion
New Ulm's Landmark Architecture
The Real Mexico!
Water Science
Bobby Vee at the History Theater
Coffee with Artist Bonnie Mohr

Global Population Shifts
Library Link-up:  ‘Discussion of Staggerford , a Jon Hassler novel – Hasslerthon!
Foodies Hit the Road to Bump's Restaurant
Library Link-up:  ‘Climate Discussion’
Make Me A Foody with Pastry Chef Topher Jacobson
‘Bookending The Glass Menagerie
‘Science of Climate Change’
‘Unwrapping Blue Grass and Traditional Country Music

Unwrapping Music: Jazz & Blues
Bible History: Abraham to Egypt
Make Me Into A ‘Foody’
History Theater Field Trip
Great American Harry Burleigh -  Spirituals 
Wanna Have Fun - This Is Your Life
Redesign your Garden
Enjoying Music/Listening With Intent
Lost Mansions of the Twin Cities
Housing Choices as We Age~And How To Pay For Them
Lincoln’s Bishop
Wanna Have Fun Luncheon with Vicki Pieser, Hidden Voices: Brown County Women Who Challenged Inequalities in Traditions and Laws
In Celebration of Musical Theater Composers Irving Berlin, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber
Sorting Out Mideast Cultures
Bible History: From Eden to Egypt
Chinese Culture
The Golden Era of Television
The Ageless Voice
Crime Scene Investigation - Truth vs. Fiction
Coffee with Artist Fredrick Somers
DNA Science
Finance Wellness
A Special Event Book Discussion of The Green Journey by Jon Hassler, with discussion leader Ric Jacobsen
A Special Event Book Discussion of 'The Secret Place' by Tana French, with discussion leader Kathleen Sullivan
The Science of Unmanned Drone Aircraft
New Ulm's Theater History - The Show Must Go On!
Prairie Tales of Southern MN
A Special Event Book Discussion of Simon’s Night by Jon Hassler, with discussion leader Ric Jacobsen
Essentials of MN Wine with Paula Marti of Morgan Creek Vineyards
Insights Into Playwrights with Paul Warshauer
Russian Culture with Irina Soboleva
Grasslands & Wetlands of Southern Minnesota
Insights into English Aristocracy & Social Change through the Lens of Downton Abbey
Come Fly With Me - Aviation Series
WWII History
Theater Improv
Hitchcock Films
Spiritual Development
Contemporary Scandinavian Films
Hans Christian Andersen
World Religions in America
Fundamentals of Wine
Anerican Government 101
Cooking With Flair
British Comedies
Reading the Skies - the Science of Weather
World of Watercolors
World Cultures
Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way - Depression Era History
Cooking whole Heart Gourmet
Music Appreciation with OboeBass!
Climate Change Lecture Series
The History of Antarctica
Perspectives on Journalistic Integrity
Historic Judeo-Christian View of Beginnings
Bootlegger's Ball - Prohibition History Event


Birding Instructor Al Batt


pixC.A.S.T.L.E. – Community And Seniors Together Learning Environment, serves people regardless of previous education with classes in the humanities; art, history, literature, music, science and more. CASTLE Lifelong Learning is beginning it's third year of courses and has acquired over 75 members ranging in age from 50 to 75 years old. Our parent organization, Community And Seniors Together is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization, located at 600 N. German Street, New Ulm MN. We have served New Ulm area adults since 1984.

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Fundamentals of Wine

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